Traditional African Story Telling Together with Painting or Colouring


What you get

We tell tales from Africa and use props for different stories and drawings along the lines of the story theme. Including colouring or drawing according to the theme of the fairy tale, during day time.
During winter-time (evenings preferably) we will be in a venue with fire around which stories can be told and shared (in this case this will be without painting or colouring also cost price will be minus €10 less and only lasting for only 45 min). We do role play and stepping out of the traditional role into the role of the story teller. Covering elements like active listening, encouragement in constructive story telling. Old tradition storytelling is synonymous with song chanting music and/or epic poetry. Our story telling instils morals and values, stories told to teach lessons and often simply to entertain the old-age art of storytelling with ‘Proverbs’, Umntfwana longakhali ufela embelekweni ; meaning vocalise and derived from a traditional fairy tale ‘Inyanyabulembu’. Also other stories about Nguni stick fighting (a Nguni sport).

Duration: 150 Min
For Whom: for groups children from 4 years old max 15


Price: €25 per person



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